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At Partners for Success, Inc., we provide proven, easy-to-use, world-class assessment tools to help you hire, develop and retain more top performers from entry level employees through management and executive positions. Our system is designed to help you select the right person for the job, coach and train them to greater success, reduce costly turnover, increase productivity and improve bottom-line results! We also provide customized training programs and management and human resource consulting services.

Our selection of assessment tools includes:

  • Integrity/Work Ethic/Reliability Screening
  • Total Person Assessment with Customized Job Matching
  • Sales Indicator Hiring & Coaching Assessment
  • Customer Service Knowledge, Skills, & Behaviors
  • Management Development & Coaching
  • Personality Assessment for Coaching & Training
  • Team Analysis to Improve Team Productivity
  • 360° Feedback Program for Development

Over 35,000 companies rely on Profile's world-class assessment tools for selection, coaching and maximizing human capital! The more you know about your people, the greater impact you have on the overall results!

Our Assessment Center internet program contains a wide variety of assessment tools to meet your specific needs. It offers you internet assessment capability with instant results in a user-friendly system! We can have you set up and ready to go quickly, and we provide all our clients with complete support to help insure your success.

Thanks for visiting us and feel free to contact us anytime. We may look like an internet company, but we believe people make the difference! We would like to work together with you to help you maximize your greatest asset... your people!

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